Why being a member of ACAS could be important to you

Publishing Opportunities
Numerous kinds of publications are under review, to feature the work of Association members. ACAS is a non-profit organization, therefore we publish ideas which do NOT have to be bestsellers. We raise funds through other commercial activities and sponsorships, allowing creators to do what they do best – create. We mainly request that all work for publishing be of a good plausible standard. Payment of some scale will be offered whenever possible.

Workshop Discounts & Certifications
If you love creating comics, but perhaps lack the experience or knowledge to produce work at a publishable standard, you can simply attend any ACAS workshop for FREE – as a member, we


are eager to see your work on bookshelves throughout the world, so you will benefit greatly from these sessions which might cover key aspects of comicbook production. By the same token, if you are ALREADY able to produce work to a professional standard, you can of course be part of the host & production team, for which you will be paid.

Artists Commercial Database
When you are an ACAS member, your name & samples can be entered into our database. As we receive numerous requests for commissions of very varied artstyles, we will negotiate on your behalf, especially if you might otherwise be of full-time employment and time is limited to work out a client’s finer detail. If budget allows, ACAS will apportion itself a 10% handling fee.


Digital Art Products & Discounts
Join us, and you can enjoy valuable discounts on HANVON peripherals and CELSYS COMIC STUDIO software. Our Members also enjoy good discounts on most National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) events.

Teaching Opportunities
As a member of ACAS, if you possess a proficient standard of drawing or writing, you will be potentially eligible to conduct any of the sessions we host. Under our teacher guidance and training, you may simply work from our supplied syllabus, for which you will be paid for your time.

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