We specialise in caricaturing, live digital & traditonal art demonstrations and general public events

Caricaturing Services
So popular has this feature been for ACAS, that we have had to create an in-brand with our NOE publishing partner - YOUTOON CARTOONS.

Depending on your event, we can help in one of two ways; either by charging per-hour-per Caricaturist, or per-image for the convenience of a buying public. Images can come in a range of sizes, and in colour or black & white - we produce in our own studio, mounted, out-sized images which are often shared as gifts.

Contact us today to see how we can really bring some life & character to your live gathering with one or more of our live Caricaturists!


Public Events, Workshops & Presentations
Many government bodies and professional institutions have called upon ACAS to perform a range of specialist duties - ranging from the judging of competitions, conducting of workshops and public speaking, to providing of industry insights at seminars and Public gatherings. ACAS has also mediated many high profile conferences.

This is all part of the Association’s efforts in raising awareness for the medium, and making easier a professional career for those interested in telling stories through one of the most exciting and reinventive ways known - sequential panels with fitting narrative.


Live Digital & Traditional Art Demonstrations
ACAS believes in getting everyone to draw and create. As a result, we enthusiastically demonstrate the artform. This also helps us to raise funds.

- Hanvon is the leading pen tablet brand from China, and is proving to be a most economic option for both the new and established art enthhusiast, resulting in greater numbers of people being able to now enjoy a ‘digital drawing experience’.

- Celsys Comic Studio is the leading Manga software in Japan. Also economically priced, Comic Studio demonstrates how much easier comic drawing and storyboarding can be.

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